Tuesday, September 29, 1998 - Station KTSA Radio Show
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"Ma On The Air"
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DJ: Mrs. Brady is the name of a women(not real name)who is an internet provider,she is one of the cyber sluths

DJ: Good Morning

Ma: Good morning

DJ: How are you this morning?

Ma: Just Great! A little chilly in Philly here.

DJ: Interesting to look at your web site. Why your fascination, I mean you update that web site everyday! You are indeed involved.

Ma: I don`t know if im involved, but definatly dedicated.

DJ: Why are you so dedicated to this case?

Ma: Well it became very habit forming quickly for me, Somebody needed to speak for this child. We heard ST say that on Sun.on 20/20 . I feel it is my duty to help get the news out.

DJ: And LS now this is the special Inv. that quit, that wrote the big letter exonerating really in his view the R`s.saying hey look these people are innocent and have been punished enough I can`t cont.! Is LS nuts?

Ma: LOL I don`t know whether he is nuts, I heard a theory that maybe he is playing good cop bad cop with ST. So we can only hope.

DJ: Do you have your own theory of who did it?

Ma: I really don`t because I have been exposed to so much I became very cynical about this case, nothing at this point would surprise me, I belive that the R`s are going to turn up to be capable, at least in the cover up.

DJ: You know the word recently ah that Pasty (stumbling over name) The mom.

Ma: LOL Pasty

DJ: The mom wrote the note, on your web site you had comparisons of her hand writting and the note. I must tell you from looking at that I could draw the conculsion that she wrote the note.

Ma: Right! That was explosive that was done by a gentleman fron Boulder. F.C. who is an Artist and part time journalist,and he is a complete amateur on hand writting analizing , but we all are.and it definitely jumps off the page at you.Yes that was on yesterdays edition.

DJ: What did he find that was so compelling?

Ma: He used doc. that we have not seen publicly before one of the docs. used was an app. for a kiddie beauty pagant. She was entering JB in. If you look at the pages it is definitely compelling! And it just jumps right off the page at you! That page is on the JW area of the web

DJ: You really would have to look at if you would see it they really allow for what those conclusions are so it`s easy to figure out.

DJ: Whats the web page so I can take a look at it during the break.

Ma: Those docs. can be viewed at JW.com

DJ: Now ST was a detective who worked for the police and he quit

Ma: LS who quit he worked for the DA office so there is a diffrence.

DJ: And of course LS exornated the DA office and ST attacks the Da office. So who is the guilty party here?

Ma: LOL Who knows that is why we tune in every day to figure this out.

DJ: Well lets talk about the DA for a minute, why are we suspicous that the DAs office is not doing their job. What are the arguments that say they haven`t done their job?

Ma: Well the B.C.D.A. the DA Alex Hunter is known formally for Mr.Plea bargain. He doesn`t like to take cases to trial,and his constituencies seem to admire that in him, they have returned him to office 7 terms in a row.

DJ: So what does that have to do with this case? He wouldn`t plea bargin this case with the R`s. whats the deal? LOL

Ma: This case in my opinion in unplea barginable LOL

DJ: Ok so that don`t make him a bad investagator.

Ma: Well his job is not to be an investagator, its to be a prosecutor.

DJ: Well he don`t have anyone to prosecute right now!

Ma: Right now he doesn`t it`s been 21 months and the GJ should have been called within the first 3 months after the murder.

DJ: Mrs. Brady, How has your involvement changed your life? I`m not trying to be disrespectful. I can imagine there in Philly you got friends who have said You got to get over this, you`ve got to get out of this and get your life back.

Ma: LOL It started out that way, they thought I was being a little bit odd, as time has gone on they have seen my work, the results of my work

DJ: What are the results?

Ma: LOL The results are getting the news out to people who can analyze it. I`m saving web surfers and investagators, even the DAs office a great deal of time. I`m saving the tax payers money so they don`t have to pay a clerk to do this.

DJ: Is this going to be the Big Mystery of the 90`s? Or do you think sometime this will be solved to everyones belief?

Ma: I think this is going to end up being the big mystery of the 90`s. I don`t see any resolution anytime soon.

There is a section missing here as TxSunshine had to leave and said she would be back later to finish the posting. So don't know how much is missing.

DJ: What was the problem? Was it the initial contamination of the scene?, that they never can get back what they need to test and find out in the first place.

Ma: No I think contamination has been over blown in the tabs. I think the big problem is they don`t know who to charge!

DJ: Is that a level of incompetence cause it seems that the whole thing fell apart when Denver offered their help and Boulder said no we got it.

Ma: I don`t think there is any incompentence there, I think it has been over blown in the media, I have complete faith in the investagation that the BPD has done so far.

DJ: Well if you had some choices of people they might seriously consider charging, who would they be? That they can`t figure out who to charge.

Ma: Well exactly there were only 3 surviving people in the house that night.

DJ: So it has to be one of them?




DJ: LOL Well we don`t need to go down that path any further. I think we have your answer. LOL Mrs. B would you please tell us how we can get to your site..

Ma: (INFO)

DJ: Very fine, I have found the web site very useful, I learned frankly more about the R`s case then I`d ever knew, in a very simple and compact way. Thanks Mrs.Brady for joining us this morning we sure appreciate it.

Ma Thank-you.