Friday, September 18, 1998 Peter Boyles Show
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6. "Good morning!"
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That was Craig Lewis (not Silverman) on phone with Peter. Just got home--Mr and chris and I were at KHOW at 7. It was fun to see it all happen and to meet Peter. Ma and chris back to Boulder--I'll go back for meeting at Justice Center and stay for festivities tonight. Shake gave me tape of part of show we were on-----mostly Ma---and she was just great! So I'll transcribe it----- more to come

8. "Here tis" Posted by
Panico on 09:15:28 9/18/98

Playing tape of John--trying to make a difference with the media---followed by tape "You want answers--I want the truth--you can't handle the truth--

PB: Voice of JR followed by voice of Marine Core Colonol (laughing) from "A Few Good Men"---I've always loved that. With us now, and it's something that's been ongoing on the internet, actually I8 months ago I was afraid to turn a computer on and in the last 18 months I have certainly gone from being afraid to turn the computer on to being dangerous on a computer. In the middle of all that, of course, 21 months ago was the tragedy, the brutal murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The Ramsey murder has been described as the first murder ever solved on the internet, which I thought was an interesting line about it. Others have said that it began with the OJ trial, that that was an internet driven case, as well as talk radio driven case, and I try to make the point all the time that if, in fact Bill Clinton resigns, it will be because of talk radio and the interent. The Ramsey case, although has been driven a lot by talk radio, it also carries a tremendous amount of weight on the internet.

About a year ago, and I think it was Julie Hayden at Channel 7 that hit me to a woman named Ma Brady, and Ma lives in another city and she began what was called, I think at the time Justice Watch, and people, when they appear on interent sites, they do what's called 'hats', and hats are other names that they travel under, and not their real names, when they talk. You can call a radio show and show knows what your name is--you can be John or Bill or Ernie or whoever you want to be. The same thing is true in chat rooms and on the internet.

Please say good morning, in our studio we have never met, although we've talked on the phone numbers of times, and we email each others, and she really knows, in terms of the investigation, she knows a tremendous amount about the Ramsey investigation and there is now this convention--I guess is the best way to call it--of internet junkies--about the Ramsey investigation--called the cyber sleuths.

In Denver with us this morning, but they're all up in Boulder, is Ma Brady, Ma, it's a pleasure to meet you, good morning.

Ma: Good morning---you're as good looking in person as you are on the radio--

PB: Ah---that's why you get the big money! Also, a woman who I've emailed to and listened to and she travels under the hat of catnip.

nip: Good morning

PB: And the woman who has become my ace reporter--and you never meet these people, so it's terrific to meet them, Panico is with us and she listens to the show in the morning and, along with some other people, and they say on the internet, although we are going to be voice-streamed here real soon so people can listen to the morning show on internet, but you have done a wonderful job and I don't know how you do it--cause sometimes, in the afternoon, I'll read what you have reported about the morning show when we're doing a Ramsey story, and say "Damn, did I say that?", you know and then--Panico is with us, good morning

Pan: Good morning

PB: Thank you for being here. I guess the $64,000 question is, although you live in Denver?

Pan: Yes

PB: For the 2 of you, Ma and catnip, if you live in other states, why the interest in this movement? Ma Brady, why--what triggered this?

Ma: I always had an interest in true crime and this is the ultimate. This is the best murder mystery I think anybody has ever seen.

PB: Yeah, I think the OJ case was easier to solve than this.

Ma: Oh yeah

PB: That was put away fairly quickly.

more to come

9. "More"
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PB: catnip, how did you get involved?

nip: I have a technical background and I have been on the internet for quite some time. I just got real interested in how much information was out there and the discussions that take place and just got sucked right in.

PB: Panico, how about you, how did you get in?

Pan: At first I was very feeling for the Ramseys, I felt like--I lost a child so I knew what that was like and I felt the media was really giving them a bum rap--and then as time went on, I became aware that they were not cooperating, they weren't doing things that I would have done,--when I lost my son--and then I became angry at the Ramseys.

PB: So that's how you turned on to it?

Pan: Yes--the loss of a child is what initially got my interest

PB: It's amazing because people go after each other in these chat rooms--much like talk radio except everybody is a talk show host--I mean, I've tried to describe that --what takes place in these posts, they're called, or when people say 'I think Patsy and John are innocent and I think the rest of you are fill in the blank because you think they're dirty'--and it's like everybody is their own little talk show host. The internet is fascinating. But what you do, Ma is, and I think you and catnip both do is upgrade your page every day and you can turn on Justice Watch and you can see this new photo--and I don't know where you get photos--but you get all kinds of crazy stuff--pictures of everybody involved in this--and you show their pictures and then you do an update--you have the Post reports and what NBC reports, and I mean you're doing some amazing work.

Ma: Yes, and it's all volunteered and at my own expense.

PB: Is it really?

Ma: Yes it is. Just to clarify, Mrs. Brady's URLs is actually part of the Joshua-7 website, (gives addy)--and my web host provides free web space for me--

PB: For the people again, there's a lot of people that aren't getting this because they haven't gone on line yet, but it is every day you upgrade..

Ma: I did it this morning from Boulder. It was a pretty lame page--yesterday we set a record for hits

PB: Hits are visitors to your site

Ma: Yes--yesterday wasn't that big of a news day, and I was yelling and screaming and catnip heard me in the motel room this morning, because I set a new record

PB: How far away is the fartherest traveler coming from for this get together?

Ma: I understand there's a gentleman coming in from Australia---so it's not all woman

PB: Is it by and large women interested in this crime?

Ma: Probably, I would guess maybe 60% of us--the men are a lot quieter than we are, they're probably not as visible

PB: Do you think it's because of the death of a child?

Ma: Absolutely

PB: Yeah, I do too

Ma: And there's so much video tape on JB too

PB: It's TV crime--as I've said before, you see her in all these elaborate costumes, sexually performing and it doesn't seem to ever end--through that first month after her brutal murder it seemed like they had a tape-of-the-day. You could see her in a new costume--a new outfit in a new performance. And that really drove this initially.

Ma: Yeah, initially. Now, I think the internet is driving it now

PB: I do too

Ma: On the internet, we can be whoever we want to be--if you want to be a ballerina, you can go on the internet and be a ballerina--

PB: Absolutely

Ma: Someone yesterday, in Boulder, and by the way people in Boulder, after being here 24 hours, have been just amazingly welcome and they have been so friendly.

PB: Did I not tell you that would happen?

Ma: Yes, and I didn't believe you, I was a little scared, but somebody yesterday said that they thought I was a Phd candidate who was working on content analysis, and I am not an academic or a journalist.

more coming

10. "More"
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PB: Chuck Green said the other day at lunch about the work that you've done, Chuck said you have emerged in this as the archivist.

Ma: I wish I had archives

PB: But you ARE the archivist of this. You have tracked this and arvhiced...

Ma: I wouldn't say archivist, maybe I'm a chronicler

PB: Fair enough--- Chuck and I have said that your site is a way to gather any and all information practically that's available

Ma: Right. And I've uniformly bashed everybody in the case. I've criticized Hunter, I guess the only person I haven't bashed is you Peter---and you're due! All laughing

PB: I was gonna say, you're the only person who hasn't-- Let me ask you a couple of other questions-- What are you going to do and how long are you guys going to stay and I know there's a lot of secret stuff about this--where the dinner is going to be for obvious reasons, but I have never been hit with so many people as to where you're going to meet and what time this dinner is because everybody wants to attend it. My wife and I are going with Dick Woodbury from Time magazine, we've been invited, I know Chuck Green is going--I know David Wright from Enquirer is going--Charlie Montgomery is going, geez, let me see, Craig Lewis from Globe is going --you've invited Carol McKinley from Fox, you've invited all the players.

Ma: Right, but let me insert here that this project has really been driven by a hat called mapek, who is part time Boulder resident. Without Martha Knapp, this get together really wouldn't have happened. Other than some informal meetings and photo ops that we've got set with some press because I want to drive forward the idea in the Boulder resident's minds that we are not going to go away, and we're here to help

PB: You want to help. Not that you're offering help--they want a successful prosecution.

Ma: Exactly. And when we don't want to see justice for JonBenet shelved.

PB: Final questions--What are you gonna do and are you going to take tours? I understand you want to see the sites--meaning --have you been to the Ramsey home yet?

Ma: Yes, we drove past a couple of times yesterday.

PB: You've been to Pasta Jays?

Ma: Yes, we want to Pasta Jays for dinner last night, and it was delightful, the food was excellent, the service was great and I highly recommend them.

PB: Have you been to St. John's Episcopal?

Ma: Not yet.

PB: Have you walked past Access Graphics?

Ma: Not yet.

PB: These are the things--have you been past Fleet White's home?

Ma: No, actually we want to try to avoid going by his home because we don't want to harrass them --it's definitely not one of our tour stops.

PB: Have you been to the Justice Center?

Ma: Yes--we've been to the Justice Center. We met lovely, delightful and helpful Suzanne--

PB: She's terrific--she works for Alex Hunter.

Ma: I was scared to death to even get out of the car at the Justice Center--but Dick Woodbury and catnip pushed me out of the car

PB: Is Dick going to do a piece in Time about you guys?

Ma: He hopes to at some point---then they further mortified me by announcing my presence in the Justice Center

PB: They all read the screens, I'm telling ya, they do

Ma: When they paged Suzanne, they said that Mrs. Brady was there--I was kinda sinking through the concrete floor

PB: Did Alex come down and meet you? (Everybody laughing)

Ma: No, fortuately

PB: Mike Kane, anyody come down and say hey good to see ya Ma

Ma: I'd be afraid that Alex Hunter would assault me at this point.

PB: I think you'd be surprised when you meet Alex, and perhaps some day you will ----- I appreciate it--and we'll see you guys tonight and again, those of you who have web access, (having Ma give address again--she also gave 'my sister site', JW addy

PB: Who named you Mrs. Brady?

Ma: I did--it was --I guess I had just finished watching Florence Henderson do her thing

PB: laughing--I've never asked you that--so you're the Brady Bunch--and you're Mrs Brady

Ma: It just worked out really well because this is an obvious female hat--very maternal and non-threatening, and so

PB: I remember when, I think it was Julie Hayden told me, and I started reading the page and then you sent me something--and then I said, well gimme your phone #, and sent me this phone #, and one day I called your home and said 'Can I speak to Ma Brady?" (laughing) Some guy says "Wait a minute" (all laughing) Ma came on the line

Ma: My better half and the person that finances my trips and all my computers and all my software and that kind of stuff-- I was scared to death talking to you, I just couldn't believe that a celebrity like PB

PB: Yeah right---laughing---and Mr. Brady answered the phone---Pa Brady

PB: Terrific--thank all of you, God Bless, be safe and we'll see everybody tonight. Thhhaaats all folks