Wednesday, May 26, 1999
Poem to Mrs. Brady's Birthday

39 . "Happy Birthday MrsBrady"
Posted by AuntieBJ on May-26-99 at 12:53 PM (EST)

Ode to Mrs.Brady:

Mrs.Brady is up at the crack of dawn,
And not out to mow her lawn.
A morning shower to get a good start,
And maybe a vision straight from the heart.

Dashing and dancing all over the net,
Just to get her web page all set.
She has been doing this from the very day one,
And this is not meant as a pun.

Justice for JonBenet has been her goal,
As she reaps tidbits from any cyber mole.
And now it's her birthday and another day old,
As she crawls out of bed and brushes off the mold.

She has been slammed on the threads by a certain vixen,
who resigned for reasons similar to Nixon,
But no matter what is said and done,
She has made some friends and had some fun.

She has been on the tv, radio and news,
And she knows who is walking in her own shoes.
Her web page is to inform us via the net,
And is kept up to date, you can definitely bet.

So Happy Birthday MrsBrady on this wonderful day,
And you don't look any older I will have to say.
I hope you enjoy your cyber birthday event,
And all of the wishes your friends have sent.

BJ (aka ACandyRose)
"If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fidder"